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Primary School No. 5

The first building of the Primary School nr 5 in Czerwionka was created in relation to the start of operation of "Dębieńsko" coal mine and a working - class housing estate coming into existence. The building was architecturally matched up to surrounding buildings called "familoki". In 1916 a decision was undertaken to add a new 6 - classroom wing. The ceremonial inauguration took place in May 1916. During the interwar the school was named of Christ the King. In September 1939 lessons were stopped. They were restarted in February 1940, but only in Germany language. Our school fulfils the educational needs of pupils and develops their talents. It carries out regional education and creates national identity. It also teaches healthy lifestyle and promotes reading and uses new technologies as well. Here we assure pleasant, safe and useful spending of free time. The school employs professional staff of teacher. Our pupils take high places in sport competitions ( football, volleyball, basketball ). They participate in a lot of others competitions: orthographical, reader`s, mathematical to win numerous awards. After lessons children expand their knowledge in special interest groups. In 2007/2008 school year the swimming sport class was created at our school. Pupils have a possibility to develop their skills in this field. The school participates in all Poland campaign: " All Poland reads children" as well as the programme "Schools promote health". We also continue the campaign : "Live healthy - be clear headed mind"

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